Family First Fund

About The Family First Fund

The Family First Fund aims to remove some of the financial burden and stress that nearly always accompanies a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. This diagnosis is extremely disruptive to a family system, especially in terms of finances, employment, and security.
The goal of this fund is to assist families with whatever they need most so that they can focus on treatment, family, and recovery. The foundation treats every patient and family on an individual level, as we know that no two situations are the same. All of our pancreatic cancer patients are referred by medical professionals at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and have expressed some sort of financial need. We meet directly with each family to determine their needs. After approval from The Board, we provide each family with a one-time assistance check that is generally used for everyday expenses or medical care.
Over the past year, we have given over $33,000 to patients directly. These patients have come from a variety of backgrounds, employment levels, family situations, and cities. They have requested funding for COBRA coverage, gas to get to appointments, hotels to stay closer to treatment, childcare, rent, groceries, hospice care, utility bills, and caregiver services.

Where The Funds Have Gone

● Rent● Groceries● Hospital Meals During Treatment● Parking● Hospice Care● Moving Feeds Into Hospice Facility● Accommodation Costs During Treatment● Transportation for Families● COBRA Insurance● Car Insurance to Get to Appointments● Travel Expenses● Caregivers & Childcare

“Receiving news that you have Pancreatic cancer and that it has already spread, brings on a whirlwind of torn roofs, uprooted trees and cries of pain as the branches break around your home emotionally. This diagnosis affected my family in a very realistic violence storm that included: The immediate change to my career, the burden of a sudden financial need and the frightening panic as the tears poured down from my children, husband and my eyes. It just blew us away in what I call, our pancreatic storm.”

- Brenda H

“We’re all aware that there can be many rainbows (human, spiritual and physical) that can lift some of the storms’ burdens from patients like me. Some of those rainbows come in the form of a human being; it can be a spiritual rainbow that holds you up daily or hourly; Or maybe it’s a physical rainbow that you see after getting news that there IS a medical trial open for YOU! The Reaumond Foundation is one of those rainbows for my family. “

- Brenda H

“Pancreatic cancer has brought severe symptoms like liver pain, back pain, abdominal pain, fever, and fatigue which forced my to quit my job that I dearly loved.”

- Katherine B

“Pancreatic cancer has completely flipped my life upside down.  It has changed everything. The new and unexpected costs really have added up and have been detrimental to our finances."

- Jill R